December 16, 2020

7 key elements to a successful text marketing campaign

Customer Opt-Ins

Building your database is where it starts - and how your subscriber list is built following federal regulations. One of the most successful portals we use to building a large following is the use of our proprietary tablets and rewards kiosks. 70% of your customers will happily enter their number into your custom branded tablet – and by doing so your customers are giving permission for you to engage them via text marketing campaigns.

Other portals to build a subscriber database:

  • Our proprietary integrated widgets housed directly on your website
  • A text-in option using keyword tailored to your campaign

Segmented Target Lists

iOS vs Android / PlayStation vs Xbox

Utilize the data to specific lists and increase your ROI (try Tapp's all new ROI Calculator) by having the system allow you to choose who receives the information. Without targeting your subscribers’ interests – the text broadcast will not be as effective and may cause a higher opt-out rate.

Targeted Templates

Make it personal. After collecting the first name, birthday, or any pertinent information you are able to individualize the message through segment filtering (Hello, ~firstname~, Happy Birthday from ‘Company’! Enjoy (offer) for your special day. Check-in at our rewards kiosk to redeem.)

A focused targeted list to subscribers keeps the customer connection healthy and improves the response rate. The call to action must be relevant to achieve the highest response rate based on customer trends, buying habits, interests, frequency, and any data points visioned together.

Keep it Valuable

Make your messages different for your subscribers when sending text broadcasts. Using the same verbiage, offers, and information will lead to higher opt-out rates as your followers will perceive the messages as spam – leading to less effective response rates.

Treating your text members as VIPs will strengthen the relationship by offering special insider information and offers. Your followers may begin to opt-out by receiving the same message without any value.

Alternatively, offering value for information is a great way to continually collect more data and thus increase the bond between you and your subscribers.

Again, we'll refer to Tapp's brand new ROI Calculator to show you what a valuable text marketing program looks like in action, and for your pocket book.

Automated Responses

To keep efficient lines of open communication to the subscriber database and saving valuable time by keeping your responses automated further enhances the customer experience.

The text platform can send keyword auto replies with helpful information. An example would be texting in the keyword ‘contact’ to your text number and the system will provide information (hours, contact information) for different applicable departments (customer service, sales, returns). The automated responses show an increased responsiveness to your following further solidifying the bond with your subscribers.

Two-way communication is also available to conversate via text. Notifying a customer via text is 10x more effective than a call for short items of information vs a phone call. Since answering a phone is becoming a thing of the past – connecting through a voice flow is call, VM, return call, knowledge transfer, and spending excess time. Sending a one-off text for an order pick up or simple question is efficient since the data is open, viewed, and read. 95% of text messages are opened within the first three minutes – higher open rates are achieved through subscriber satisfaction.

Inactive Offers

Creating offers based on when a customer has last entered their phone number into your rewards tablet is extremely effective for return visits. A simple “We miss you, ~firstname~, at ‘Company’…. (with or without an offer)”. This approach can be custom to your industry and any number of days can be developed with numerous specific offers to drive in additional traffic.

Barriers to Success

Navigating through various levels on barriers is always a learning process. Text marketing is a different type of call-to-action that best works closer to the information being broadcasted. Sending a sale for clothes one week out for a sale next Friday will have less of a response than one sent the evening before. With the amount of information that is communicated in our busy lives - keeping your brand’s information front and center is key to a successful campaign. The same holds true for food – sending an offer for a dinner special works great the day of in the afternoon. Essentially you are assisting the decision on where to go.

We are available, at Tapp, to work better together and start building your following.

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