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Tapping into our ecosystem we strive, in everything we do, to be a trusted advisor by only recommending the best possible solutions to connect businesses or influencers to their customers through multiple communication channels including text marketing, automation, point-of-sale, and card processing.

Our team of designers, developers, project managers, and mobile marketing specialists deliver high-end software and handle custom projects at any scale.

We effortlessly create a B2C connection that drives new revenue and repeat targeted purchases from their followers in a way that brings their customers happiness and satisfaction.

We work closely with our clients and their customers to truly understand the values of all parties. We help business bridge this connection and enhance each customer's experience.

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we exist to connect customers and businesses without restraint, by empowering businesses to thrive and enrich the lives of their customers.

concepts are based on over 10 years of acquired knowledge and experience working with merchants and advertisers of many sizes and demographics. We truly understand their frustrations competing in today’s marketplace – using contemporary technologies to retain loyalty and acquire new customers.

We constantly aspire to establish a reliable, sustainable, timesaving b2b relationship that can support companies needs to compete. Many small to mid-sized businesses do not have the resources, means, or knowledge to pull it all together, failing because of it. We could no longer allow this to happen to our communities.

the values that
hold us true.

Team First

We embody cover and move. Our entire team works together to support each other through awareness of everyone else’s position and understanding of the objective to be able to move and act cohesively for one effort. We always have each other's back.

Customer Success

We measure our success by how happy we make our customers’ happiness, the performance of their business, and the better futures we help them to achieve. Put people first. Everything else will follow.


We do not conduct business based on ignorance. We embrace clear, honest conversation, welcome direct feedback, leverage collective working genius, and operate with integrity in everything we do or say we will do.

Socially Good

If it's not great for people, businesses, and the planet, we're not going to do it. We cherish that people rely on us and prize there never being a moment where someone we support thinks, “are they doing this for themselves or for me?”


We concentrate on continuous improvement and making things as simple and automated as possible so our clients can concentrate on what is most important: their customers, their business, and their lives.


We appreciate each other and every single client who we are so fortunate to have in our Tapp family. Leadership is thankful for their gracious people who make us who we are. We are grateful for where we are today, and thankful to be part of the journey.

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